To RCG Strategies, Inc.
RCG has 30 years of experience in managing large-scale systems development and transformation and management consulting. RCG partners with customers to rapidly implement leading edge methods that enable the customer to become a preeminent competitor within their industry. This is achieved utilizing a train-the-trainer approach.
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RCG has been synthesizing knowledge and best practices from Japan’s Toyota Production System since 1979. RCG has participated with customers in benchmarking studies in Japan, Europe, Mexico, South America, and North America. The results have been practical results-oriented applications and methodologies.
RCG has expertise in Toyota Production System/Lean Enterprise, leadership and development systems, new product development, new plant layout, organizational change management, customer focus systems, quality systems, six sigma, policy deployment, and benchmarking.
RCG provides education and training, lean assessment and analysis, point-of-use materials and distribution systems, continuous improvement office deployment, corporate universities, “model product line” development, shop floor implementation, office/administration process improvement, and performance measurement.
Lean Strategy Vision

"Action without vision is just busy work"


"Vision without action is just a dream"


"Vision with action can change the world"

- Joel Barker